This past Saturday our team hosted our 2nd annual neighborhood dumpster day for the residents of Old Taylor Place in Goshen. It was a great success! Old Taylor Place is a neighborhood right off U.S. 42 that borders Hermitage Farm, a world class equine farm that has run a working operation for over 2 centuries. Neighbors love the opportunity to live next to such a storied part of our states culture, and the luxury of a quiet, tranquil backdrop to the neighborhood. The homes in Old Taylor Place sit on an acre of land, give or take, and you can tell right away that there is a strong sense of community amongst the residents. One very unique and interesting feature of the neighborhood is that homeowners can house horses in the neighborhood stable. They also offer fenced in areas to ride in the neighborhood. You can look out your kitchen window, or sit out on your patio with your morning cup of coffee, and observe these gorgeous horses run. We filled 2 dumpsters with old furniture and larger items that most trash services will not remove. We also grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for the attendees and provided a steel city pops popsicle stand and served 150 popsicles! The kids played on the playground and shot hoops on the basketball court. It was a great event and we loved having the opportunity to enjoy the company of neighbors under the pavilion. We look forward to hosting many more to come in the future! 

Thank you to everyonel that came out!